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In this book I tell my grandchildren on about 250 pages why I wrote it and how I found my hobby. I hope to awaken the aviation virus in them or any other interested reader. Then the writing was worthwhile.

The basis for my stories was my flight book, my many pictures and videos and especially a small red booklet, which I always had with me and in which I wrote down my experiences.

I tell about my training as a glider and motor glider pilot from my first solo flights to my pilot's license. Then I tell about the most beautiful flights and moments I experienced during this time. Of course not about all of them, because a thousand pages would not be enough.

Through the many cross-country flights with my motor glider I got to know many glider sites and landing fields in Germany as well as abroad and made many new friends. I flew to and in England, France and Switzerland. I was allowed to land at the two airports Berlin-Schönefeld and Stuttgart. Also I will tell about what I had experienced together with a flying buddy from my club at some competitions.

I will tell about my longest and farthest flights. One thousand kilometers in five hours without a stopover. 1750 kilometers with two stopovers, during which I was in the air for ten hours in one day. And about many other and shorter flights, which, however, were not less interesting.

Also, what else you can experience around the actual flying and especially I have experienced, does not come too short. Aviation offers much more than most "non-flyers" can imagine. That's why I'll also tell you a bit about my club and the associated socializing, about flying comradeships, training as a private pilot and some aeronautical terms.

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